Some of Ralph's Films  

Award Winning Films

As a DGA director and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Ralph E. Portillo has directed numerous award winning films throughout his career....

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 Set Apart Awards  

Set Apart

Ralph's new family film "Set Apart" has already won numerous awards, including the highest rating from the Dove Foundation. ...

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 The Grift - Best Director  

The Grift

Ralph's movie "The Grift", a 1940's period drama about about a woman who has been wronged by her husband, but must help him after he has fallen in with a family of grifters, won Best Director at the Foursite Film Festival. ...

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 Believers Among Us Awards  

Believers Among Us

Already the “BELIEVERS AMONG US” TV series has won the prestigious Telly Award, Aurora Award, the Davey Award and the Millennium Award. ...

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