Some of Ralph's Films  

Award Winning Films

As a DGA director and member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Ralph E. Portillo has directed numerous award winning films throughout his career....

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 Set Apart Awards  

Set Apart

Ralph's new family film "Set Apart" has already won numerous awards, including the highest rating from the Dove Foundation. ...

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 The Grift - Best Director  

The Grift

Ralph's movie "The Grift", a 1940's period drama about about a woman who has been wronged by her husband, but must help him after he has fallen in with a family of grifters, won Best Director at the Foursite Film Festival. ...

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Set Apart trailer

Recently released by Sony/Provident - The city is all these kids have ever known and they think of it as their friend. Now Rey, Korina, Marcus, and Anthony must face the toughest decision of their lives: Is the hope of redemption enough to lure them away from the...

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The Last Great Ride trailer

When Ian and his dog Bentley go off to grandma's for the summer, it is not expected to be fun-filled until they meet Jules, the pretty tomboy who lives next door. Being as curious as kids are, Ian and Jules plan to explore a haunted mansion where the old and weird Franklin Lyle resides. Ian and Jules decide they want to help the old man by racing to solve an old...

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The Grift trailer

Waves of heat shimmer above a deserted two-lane pike snaking through the rural Tennessee countryside. At the edge of the road a blinking neon sign welcomes road-weary travelers. The Shamrock Motor Inn appears pleasant enough, but look deeper. Things are not always as they seem....

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Big Brother Trouble trailer

Sibling rivalry reaches new heights when two brothers fall for the same girl in this fun family...

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Undercover Kids trailer

Twins with psychic powers go undercover to find out who is responsible for the outbreak of vandalism at their school....

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Director Reel

A short sampling of Ralph's work. ...

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 Believers Among Us Awards  

Believers Among Us

Already the “BELIEVERS AMONG US” TV series has won the prestigious Telly Award, Aurora Award, the Davey Award and the Millennium Award. ...

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